Top 10 IV’s

THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL, BUT THIS COMES CLOSE! You would have to eat 714 oranges to get the nutritional benefit of a high dose vitamin C IV.  IV Therapy is a great way to jumpstart your body. Supercharge it with nutrients, and deliver vitamins, amino acids, and minerals for your body to use to heal and thrive. Here are the TOP 10 Most popular IV’s and their superpowers #1: High-Dose Vitamin C Evidence exists documenting high dose vitamin […]

Advanced Digestive Diagnostics

GET TESTED. KNOW THE WHOLE STORY. “After dealing with chronic digestive issues for over 10 years and trying numerous conventional medicine doctors, I decided enough was enough and made an appointment with Progressive Medical Center. You can’t have more thorough testing performed or [a] more […]

Wait! What About My Weight!

New Year’s has come and gone but those pounds you swore off have not. You’re not alone though- Americans gain up to 60% of their annual weight during the holidays!  Have you tried eating better and exercising more but your metabolism is not following suit? […]

Shake Off the Cold!

Are you or is someone you know always cold? Cold hands, cold feet, cold nose, cold toes? Well, Winter is coming! And there is more cold on the way. Instead of buying a 550 fill down coat to wear at work or hiding under a […]

The Gift of Health

The holiday season is in full swing! The crisp air, the glowing lights, the hustle & bustle of the season… which we love! This holiday season, we keep thinking of advice one of our grandmothers used to say all the time: “You don’t know it […]

More than a checkup

More than a checkup

At Progressive Medical Center, we have a team of the most caring, experienced, and qualified Medical and Integrative staff to support you on your health journey. Our doctors and medical professionals spend MORE TIME WITH YOU than traditional doctors. In fact, we spend 50 minutes […]